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Here are some helpful hints and tips to make sure that your day runs smoothly! Feel free to share this with all of your bridesmaids/family!


  • Please arrive a minimum of 15 minutes before your scheduled start time.

  • Wear something easy to get on and off your head so as to not ruin your makeup or hair.
    Some great options are button up shirts, zipped sweaters (No Hood), robes etc!!

  • If you have any hair accessories, clips or flowers you will be using please have them ready for your artist

  • Please come prepared with inspiration photos for your artist both for hair and makeup. A helpful tip is to choose inspiration photos of people with similar features as yourself.
    For example; with makeup choosing a look of someone with similar eye colour, and skin tone, with hair use looks that have the same hair colour as yourself, blonde styles tend to show more depth and definition, and brunettes tend to have more of a shine to them.

  • WATER WATER and more WATER. The week before your wedding please try to consume as much water as you can! This will ensure you have plump moisturized skin and will help you look fresh and hydrated all night long!


  • All costs are paid for in advance through our booking service to avoid stress and confusion. No cash will be taken on the day for any services, and will need to be pre booked ahead of time to avoid any time restraints, stress and or confusion. We want to make things as stress free as possible for the bride to be! 


  • If you would like to give any gratuity to your artist you are more than welcome to! That can be done with cash directly to the artist. 


Hair Tips


  • Wash your hair the night before the wedding. Please wash your hair once, rince, and then wash a second time to make sure your hair is completely oil, product and degree free. Condition hair on the ends only.


  • Be sure to rinse out your hair thoroughly to make sure there is no shampoo or conditioner left in your hair, this can affect the style and longevity.


  • There is an old tale that dirty hair makes the style last longer, this information is FALSE. Hair that is oily will not hold a curl, it can cause the style to not come out as desired, it will affect the volume of the style and we cannot guarantee how it will last… So please wash it as stated above, then we can add the right amount of product that is needed for you and your style!


  • Brush hair out and detangle. Use a pea sized amount of leave in conditioner in the ends to help prevent any frizz. Please do not add any other products to your hair. (If you need any clarity please feel free to reach out to ask any questions you may have)


  • Part your hair the way you would like it styled (Refer to your inspiration photo if you are unsure) and either blow dry it smooth or let it air dry. ***if you choose to air dry there is a chance your hair will not be as smooth as your inspiration photo, for best results using a brush and blow drying it smooth is the best option*** (Some artists also off blowers the day before to take the stress away for you if this is a service you would like more information on please let us know!)

  • Your hair needs to be 100% dry by the time of your scheduled appointment (Unless specifically told by your artist)

  • Please do not use any type of hot tools such as curling irons or flat irons at all in your hair, this will affect your style for the day of.

  • If you have chosen a naturally curly style you can use a small amount of curl cream to form your curls.


Makeup Tips


  • Exfoliate your face and neck the night before, Makeup looks the best and lasts the longest when it is on a fresh clean moisturized face


  • The night before wash your face twice with a dental cleanser, if your skin can handle it, exfoliate your face and neck the night before, use a nice thick moisturizer before bed to help hydration. use a nice lip balm or lip mask to help keep your lips nice and hydrated as well

  • use a makeup remover or a cleansing cream to make sure all mascara is off of your eyes as well. 


  • Do not put any makeup on the morning of the wedding, I promise we will not judge! 


  • 15 minutes before your appointment you can also do another round of moisturizer and lip balm. 


  • Please let your makeup artist know of any allergies, sensitivities or skin conditions before you start your appointment. 


  • Each artist will have a variety of lashes available upon request for an additional cost of $10, please let us know ahead of time if you would like to have lashes so the artist can have a count of how many pairs they may need, as well as we can add it to the final invoice before it is paid. 

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